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In the province of Ontario, air quality and noise from industrial facilities are regulated under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) and the Ontario Regulation (O.Reg.) 419/05 and O.Reg. 1/17. The overriding philosophy of the EPA is to ensure that emissions from a facility do not cause an adverse effect, or cause harm to people, the environment, or the loss of enjoyment of normal use of property. The O.Reg. 419/05, identifies specific contaminants of concern, and sets limits for the maximum concentrations of the contaminants at ground level. Industrial and municipal regulated businesses are required to demonstrate that the emitted concentrations of the listed contaminants will not exceed the specified regulated threshold levels. In Ontario, air pollution standards are based on the concentration of contaminants, referred to as the point of impingement (POI), and defined as any point at or beyond the property boundary at which the highest concentration of a contaminant is expected as a result of the aggregate emissions of that contaminant originating from the facility.

The EPA stipulates that companies must obtain an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA), formerly known as a Certificate of Approval (C of A) or Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR) prior to the start of operations at the facility, introduction of a new process, or modification to an existing process that may discharge a contaminant into the natural environment.

The EASR is an online self-registration system implemented by the MOECC to streamline and improve the delivery of government services, ultimately cutting back on the application review process and timeline. Prescribed activities listed in O.Reg. 1/17 determine if a facility is eligible to register for an EASR and if applicable, outlines what other operational requirements must be met. Activities that meet the requirements of O. Reg. 1/17 will not be required to obtain an ECA, and instead must be registered in the EASR.


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