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The cap-and-trade system involves having the government "cap" the amount of carbon that can be burnt.  Money is raised by auctioning permits to companies that plan to create greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions.  Over time, the overall cap is reduced, leading to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Companies that wish to burn a greater amount than their allocated share must "trade" for greenhouse gas allowances by buying permits from other companies that have burned less.  As the government lowers the "cap", fewer allowances will be distributed, which increases the value/price of the allowance.  Over time, it will become more economical for industries to upgrade to new low-carbon technologies to decrease their need for allowances.

Another way in which companies can be compliant in the carbon trading system is by purchasing carbon offsets.  Offsets are projects that reduce/remove greenhouse gases (e.g. tree-planting).  In order for companies to be eligible for an offset, certain criteria specified by the regulatory authority must be met.

Trinity Consultants is highly qualified with GHG certifiers in the California Office.  Trinity is a fully accredited AB32 Verification Body with more than 50 office locations including Toronto, Ontario and 4 offices located in the state of California.  Trinity completes approximately 50 GHG verification projects on an Annual Basis.

Trinity Consultants has the knowledge, experience and resources to assist your facility in developing and implementing a GHG management program.  For more information, please contact Suzy Sabanathan at (416) 391-2527 x22.