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As part of the Ontario Ministry's Modernization of Approvals initiative, efficiencies to the approvals process is provided with a more detailed guidance. The Ontario Regulation 255/11, which prescribes minimum application requirements for Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECAs), does not refer to any of the supporting documentation and technical information that may be required for the technical review of the application. As such, Part C: Supporting Documentation and Technical Requirements of the "Guide to applying for an environmental compliance approval" was recently updated on May 29, 2017 and can be accessed here.

One of the key supporting documentation required in an ECA application is the Site plan. The MOECC has some specified requirements for site plans as outlined below:

Site Plans

Scaled site plans indicating north direction with all units of measure in metric units is required under Ontario Regulation 255/11: Applications for Environmental Compliance Approvals and must be provided for all applications, with the exception of mobile equipment and Waste Management Systems. Requirements for site plans at a minimum must include the (1) boundary with geographic coordinates; (2) location of any buildings, structures, roads, pollution control devices, berms, utility corridors, rail lines located at the site; (3) location of sources of discharge (i.e. air, noise, vibration, waste deposits, sewage works); (4) municipal boundaries (5) circle, arrow or marking showing the proposed activity; and (5) identify conservation areas, planning areas, protected areas and watersheds within 125 metres or less.

The requirements for detailed site plans greatly impact all types of industries that are required to have ECAs. Please do not hesitate to contact Trinity Consultants Ontario Inc. for more information and resources. Trinity Consultants has the knowledge, experience and resources to assess the changes and the impacts for your facility. For more information please contact Suzy Sabanathan at (416) 391-2527 X-22, or via email.