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The Ministry of Environmental and Climate Change intends to adopt updated versions of the AERMOD, AERMET and ASHRAE air dispersion models under the O. Reg. 419/05: Air Pollution - Local Air Quality under the Environmental Protection Act. The MOECC intends to adopt the following models in April 2018.

The following models will be effected:

  1. AERMOD Dispersion Model
    • Will be updated to AERMOD version 16216r (version date December 20, 2016)
  2. AERMET Meteorological Pre-Processor
    • Will be updated to AERMET version 16216 (version date December 20, 2016), and
  3. ASHRAE Method of Calculation
    • Will be updated to Chapter 45 (Building Air Intake and Exhaust Design) of the 2015 ASHRAE Handbook - HVAC Applications

What does this mean for your facility?

If your facility currently has an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) or Environmental Activity Sector Registry (EASR) a condition is to maintain an up-to-date Emission Dispersion Modeling Report (ESDM). Some facilities are required to have updates completed by March 30, 2018 or by the dates outlined in the facility's approvals. Regardless, if your facility competed an assessment with AERMOD or ASHRAE dispersion modelling, your facility will be required to complete a re-assessment using the newer model. In order to satisfy the requirements of O. Reg. 419/05, your facility will be required to update your reports in 2018.

Additional information about the updated models can be found here.

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