Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has proposed the Cleaner Air Oregon Hazard Index rule available for public comment until November 22, 2019. This proposed rule (redline version) assigns more protective health standards to toxic pollutants expected to have developmental or other severe human health effects. See Trinity's previous article on the topic.

The rule proposes to adjust the Risk Action Level (RAL) benchmark associated with existing sources Toxic Best Available Control Technology (TBACT) Hazard Index (HI) from 5 to 3, for specific pollutants that have developmental or reproductive human health effects associated with prenatal or postnatal exposure. If you recall, the HI is associated with non-cancer risk. Furthermore, the proposed rule will provide a calculation for existing facilities to estimate non-cancer risk if the facility emits toxic pollutants regulated at a benchmark of 5 and at 3 (proposed OAR 340-245-0200(5)). Pollutants with a non-cancer TBACT RAL of 3 are identified in proposed OAR 340-245-8030, Table 3 and OAR 340-245-8040, Table 4.

If you haven't already, Trinity would highly recommend completing a preliminary Level 1 Risk Assessment to determine the potential impact of the CAO regulation. If you would like assistance in reviewing the impacts of this proposed rule on your facility, or completing a preliminary Level 1 Risk Assessment, please email or call Beth Ryder at (458) 206-6770, or Jesse Gonzalez at (503) 906-7833.