On October 6, 2017, EPA announced that the Plywood and Composite Wood Products (PCWP) Information Collection Request (ICR)/survey was sent to approximately 400 facilities via certified mail. The ICR will collect information essential to the Risk and Technology Review required for PCWP MACT (Part 63, Subpart DDDD) under the Clean Air Act. The survey was sent to major sources of HAP emissions and to some synthetic minor sources of HAP emissions within the wood products industry.

The ICR is requesting detailed process, production, control device, and HAP emissions data from the facilities that were regulated under the PCWP MACT, such as oriented strand board, medium density fiberboard, particleboard, hardboard, lumber and other wood products facilities. The data is being requested for the predominant HAP emission sources at the referenced facilities.

EPA has provided a fact sheet with basic information about the survey, and established a website for respondents to review and download survey response documents. The data for the ICR must be developed and submitted to EPA on or before February 9, 2018.

EPA has estimated that it may take 250 hours for PCWP facilities to complete the ICR and 50-60 hours for lumber mills to complete the ICR. If your facility needs assistance with this endeavor, please contact Ashley Jones at (253) 867-5600.