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On November 26, 2019, the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (LRAPA) released the Cleaner Air Oregon (CAO) prioritization results, which identified facilities in the Eugene/Springfield area that will be called into the program during the first 12 months (Group 1 Facilities), and facilities that may be called into the program in two to three years (Group 2 Facilities). LRAPA identified Group 1 and Group 2 facilities; each with five facilities. For a complete list of the Group 1 and 2 facilities, please click here.

The Board of Directors for LRAPA voted on March 14, 2019 to approve the administrative changes to integrate CAO rules into the existing LRAPA program rules. Upon being called into the program, the CAO program requires the following timelines for submittal requirements:

  • Emission Inventory due 90 days after LRAPA Notice date
  • Modeling Protocol is due 30 days after LRAPA approval of Emission Inventory (required for all levels of review)
  • Level 1 or Level 2 Risk Assessment is due 60 days after receiving LRAPA approval of Modeling Protocol
  • Level 3 or Level 4 Work Plan is due 60 days after receiving LRAPA approval of the Emissions Inventory
  • Level 3 Risk Assessment is due 120 days after receiving LRAPA approval of the Level 3 Work Plan
  • Level 4 Risk Assessment is due 150 days after receiving LRAPA approval of the Level 4 Work Plan

To review all current information on the program, including the finalized rules, detailed flowcharts and key agency contacts, please visit the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) website.

Oregon DEQ has begun this process with several facilities already. If you're interested in the submissions and responses currently underway, visit this page on the Oregon DEQ website. LRAPA has also launched a website detailing background information on prioritization, rule adoption and links to program documents.

For facilities that were not listed in Group 1, Trinity recommends that the items listed above be evaluated to stay ahead of timelines for when the facility is called into the program, or if the facility is planning a large modification which may lead to LRAPA requesting information demonstrating compliance with CAO requirements. If you would like assistance on any of the items listed above or have any questions on CAO requirements, please contact Trinity's Portland office at (503) 906-7833.