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The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has proposed amendments to streamline reporting under the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHG RP) and the Clean Fuels Program (CFP), as well as require third-party verification for certain regulated parties that currently report under these programs.

Notable changes resulting from proposed amendments are as follows:

  • GHG RP and CFP reporting are being migrated to a single reporting system, allowing regulated parties to use a single login to submit reports for both programs
  • More substantial documentation will be required for biomass-derived fuels and specified sources of electricity for GHG RP reports
    • Those reporting biomass-derived fuels into the CFP already maintain sufficient documentation for the new program
    • Electricity suppliers will need documentation of power sources for electricity and will need to ensure that electricity sellers designate those sources, prior to delivery of the electricity
  • Any facility or regulated entity in the following categories will be required to obtain third-party verification for reporting, starting in 2022 (for submission of 2021 emissions data):
    • Those reporting to the GHG RP that emit 25,000 MT CO2e
    • Registered parties in the CFP that generate 6,000 or more credits or deficits in the previous compliance year
    • Holders of CFP fuel pathways
  • The recordkeeping requirement for reporting has been extended from five years to seven years
  • New provisions that classify violations or clarify enforcement criteria for GHG RP and CFP

More information on the rulemaking process, public involvement, and regulatory language can be found on DEQ's website.

If you are interested in learning more about low carbon fuel programs, Trinity is hosting a complimentary webinar that will provide useful context about California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard - a program that essentially mirrors Oregon's CFP.

California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard Webinar
February 12, 2020
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