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Air Emissions Inventory Reports (AEIRs) for calendar year 2016 are due on March 31, 2017. As of the 2015 calendar year reporting period, paper form Emission Inventory Questionnaires (EIQs) are no longer accepted. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) currently requires reporting through the State of Texas Environmental Electronic Reporting System (STEERS). STEERS users have the option of entering emissions data manually via a graphical user interface, or by uploading a formatted electronic data file.

On January 25, 2017, the TCEQ held its 2017 Emissions Inventory Workshop, to discuss issues related to STEERS-AEIR. As discussed in this workshop, owners and operators of regulated entities that meet the requirements of Title 30 of the Texas Administrative Code §101.10 (Emissions Inventory Requirements) are advised of the following:

  • Ensure that persons with STEERS submittal authority have signed their STEERS Participation Agreement (SPA) well in advance of the March 31 submittal deadline;
  • New facilities which meet the requirements for reporting, but have not previously submitted an emission inventory (EI), may need to contact the TCEQ Emissions Assessment Section (EAS) at (512) 239-1773 or to set up an account;
  • If any equipment has been replaced, removed or added to the facility, ensure that the EI is updated;
  • TCEQ is aware of a potential database error associated with reporting oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emission factors and annual heat inputs for combustion sources. If this error affects you, please contact EAS at (512) 239-1773 or;
  • 2016 EI Guidelines are available here;
  • Formatted electronic file templates specific to your regulated entity may be downloaded from the TCEQ here; and
  • File specifications for formatting electronic data files are available here.

Trinity is available to assist with calculating and reporting emission inventories. Our EI experts have numerous years of experience and stay up-to-date on TCEQ EI policies and guidance. If you have questions about emissions inventory reporting, or you require assistance preparing an inventory, please call your local Trinity office at (800) 229-6655.