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The following two pollutants/areas were successfully delisted from the Air Pollutant Watch List (APWL):

  • Nickel in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas (APWL 0401); and
  • Propionaldehyde in Texas City, Galveston County, Texas (APWL 1202).

The Dallas/Nickel APWL area was delisted due to the shutdown of the primary nickel source in the area and more appropriately represented inhalable nickel fractions from other sources. The Texas City/Propionaldehyde APWL area was delisted as a result of the updated air monitoring comparison value (AMCV) for propionaldehyde and because of significant improvements made by the primary priopionaldehyde source in the area.

The TCEQ is also proposing to delist sulfur dioxide (SO2) in Beaumont, Jefferson County, Texas, from the APWL (APWL 1002). The 30-day public comment period on the delisting will end on September 2, 2016. The Beaumont/SO2 APWL area is proposed to be delisted since no exceedances of the state regulatory standard have been measured at four surrounding monitors for at least three years or in the most recent mobile monitoring trip conducted in 2008. Reported SO2 emissions have also shown a substantial decrease since the Beaumont/SO2 area was first included on the APWL. In addition, a primary source of SO2 in the area has made significant changes to its operating procedures to reduce SO2 emissions.

For more information regarding the APWL and how to comment on the delisting of the Beaumont/SO2 APWL area, visit the following link or contact Trinity Consultants at (800) 229-6655.