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On January 19, 2011, the nine-county DFW nonattainment area was redesignated from "moderate" to "serious" nonattainment for the 1997 ozone standard. This redesignation lowers the New Source Review and Title V major source thresholds to 50 tpy for VOC and NOx and sets a new federal-mandated attainment deadline of June 15, 2013. Sources that have the potential to emit 50 tpy or more of VOC or NOx in the nine-county DFW area are now major sources and must submit an Abbreviated Title V Operating Permit application to the TCEQ by January 2012 if they do not already have a Title V permit. New projects that involve increased emission of VOC or NOx may also be subject to more rigorous construction permitting requirements. Visit TCEQ's DFW Attainment Status web page for more information.