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Effective December 21, 2016, TCEQ requires that the sampling results used to determine compliance with numeric effluent limitations be recorded and submitted through TCEQ's online Discharge Monitoring Report system (NetDMR). Facilities authorized under certain sectors of Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP No. TXR050000) are required to collect stormwater sample(s) before December 31, 2018, and the sampling results must be reported to the TCEQ electronically by March 31, 2019, via the NetDMR reporting system, unless the permittee requests and obtains an electronic reporting waiver.

Facilities that are required to submit DMRs are:

  • Facilities in Sectors A (Wet decking), C (Fertilizer manufacturing), D (Paving and roofing materials manufacturing), E (Cement manufacturing), J (Mine dewatering), O (Coal pile storage), and S (Airfield Deicing); and
  • Facilities under sectors with numeric effluent limits standards for hazardous metals and sampling results indicate an exceedance of any constituent listed.

Instructions for NetDMR electronic reporting system can be found on TCEQ's website.

In addition, facilities that are subject to benchmark monitoring requirements under sector-specific requirements must submit benchmark monitoring analyses by March 31 of each year. TCEQ currently only accepts paper submittal using TCEQ Form 20091. Instructions for benchmark monitoring data submittal are located here on TCEQ's website.

For assistance with your stormwater sampling, reporting, or if you have any questions related to your stormwater permits contact Ms. Lele Bao, P.E. in the Dallas office by calling (972) 661-8100.