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Earlier this month, TCEQ held a meeting for Emissions Banking and Trading (EBT) stakeholders to discuss the online application and reporting system accessible in STEERS. The slides from this meeting contain detailed information on how to access STEERS, create an account, and use the EBT online system for submitting applications (credit trades and generation) and perform online reporting for the Mass Emissions Cap and Trade (MECT) and Highly Reactive Volatile Organic Compound (HRVOC) Emissions Cap and Trade (HECT) market-based cap-and-trade programs. The slide presentation is available here on the TCEQ's website. TCEQ will no longer accept paper applications for ERC/DERC generation and trades, annual compliance reports, and Authorized Account Representative (AAR) Registrations.

This topic will be covered again at the TCEQ's 2018 Emissions Inventory workshop to be held in Austin on January 24, 2018. Trinity has experts in the EBT Program that can assist with application and reporting. Please call (800) 229-6655 to for the nearest Trinity Office.