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A facility that discharges wastewater to a Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) and is a Categorical Industrial User (CIU) or Significant Industrial User (SIU). A CIU is an industrial user subject to national categorical pretreatment standards. While a SIU is defined by the following:

  1. All users subject to categorical pretreatment standards
  2. Any other Industrial User (IU) that discharges an average of 25,000 gpd or more of process wastewater to the POTW (excluding sanitary, noncontact cooling and boiler blowdown wastewater); contributes a process wastestream that makes up 5% or more of the average dry-weather hydraulic or organic capacity of the POTW treatment plant; or is designated as such by the POTW

The following reports/notifications must be submitted whether a facility is determined to be a CIU or SIU.

  • Baseline Monitoring Report
  • Compliance Schedule Progress Report
  • 90-day Compliance Report
  • Periodic Compliance Report
  • Bypass Report
  • Notification of Potential Problems
  • Noncompliance Notification
  • Notification of Changed Discharge
  • Notification of Discharge of Hazardous Wastes

Please note that with the current COVID-19 situation that may impact changes to production and operation levels, there may be significant changes to discharge quantities (increases or decreases), or the character of pollutants discharged. This could trigger a Notification of Changed Discharge and/or other notifications listed above. Therefore, evaluate changes to the facility's discharges, check your POTW permits and local regulations to ensure the requirements for submittal are met. Contact the regulatory agency to confirm if a hardcopy submittal is required, or if an electronic submittal via email can be used for any required reports or notifications.

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