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The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) repealed and removed several Permit By Rules (PBRs), effective September 3, 2009, including the following: §106.101, Domestic Use Facilities; §106.103, Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems; §106.121, Hydraulic and Hydrostatic Testing Equipment; §106.123, Vacuum-producing Devices for Laboratory Use; §106.228, Platen Presses for Laminating; §106.282, Feed Grinding Facilities; §106.291, Cotton Gin Stands; §106.312, Wax Melting and Application; and §106.413, Bond Lining to Brake Shoes.

The repeal of these PBRs occurred after the TCEQ amended the 30 TAC 116.119(a)(1) De Minimis list in May 2008 to include the nine types of facilities listed above, which were previously authorized via PBR but did not include control, recordkeeping, or registration requirements. The most recent TCEQ De Minimis list can be downloaded from the TCEQ website at the following link: