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On July 14, 2017, revisions to the Oil and Gas General Operating Permits (GOPs) 511 and 514 were issued by the TCEQ to address the applicability status of Wise County. Oil and Gas sites located in Wise County are now covered under GOP 511 instead of GOP 514. The revisions are a result of the classification of Wise County as a moderate nonattainment area for ozone for the eight-hour 2008 National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS). The GOP 511 revisions incorporate the changes in 30 TAC Chapter 115 (Control of Air Pollution from Volatile Organic Compounds) and 30 TAC Chapter 117 (Control of Air Pollution from Nitrogen Compounds) for Wise County. The issued revisions to GOPs 511 and 514 also include changes to the permit tables to incorporate or remove Wise County, as appropriate, as well as other minor corrections. No significant revisions were made to site-wide requirements, Compliance Assurance Monitoring (CAM) requirements, or Periodic Monitoring (PM) requirements.

If you have an affected facility located in Wise County, an application for a new authorization to operate (ATO) is required to be submitted no later than October 12, 2017.

For additional details, please visit the TCEQ General Operating Permit website.

If you have questions regarding the revisions to the GOP No. 511 and 514 or how the revisions may affect your facility, please contact the Trinity Dallas office at (972) 661-8100.