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State Recommended Redesignation Substitute (RS) SIP Revision for the DFW One-Hour and 1997 Eight-Hour Ozone Standard Nonattainment Area.

The 2008 ozone State Implementation Plan (SIP) requirements rule includes a mechanism, called a redesignation substitute, that allows for lifting the anti-backsliding obligations under a revoked NAAQS. Therefore, on April 27, 2016, TCEQ will consider adoption of the DFW Area Redesignation Substitute SIP Revision for the one-hour and 1997 eight-hour ozone NAAQS. This redesignation substitute SIP revision satisfies the anti-backsliding obligations for the revoked one-hour and the revoked 1997 eight-hour ozone NAAQS and ensures that the EPA's requirements for the redesignation of revoked ozone standards are met for the DFW four-county one-hour and nine-county 1997 eight-hour ozone nonattainment areas.

If this redesignation substitute is approved by the EPA, anti-backsliding obligations under the revoked one-hour and the revoked 1997 eight-hour ozone NAAQS would be lifted for the DFW four-county and nine-county areas, serious area NSR permitting thresholds would no longer apply, and the offset for permitting new emissions would be lowered. The nine-county area is currently classified as a moderate ozone nonattainment area for the 2008 eight-hour ozone NAAQS.

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