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Effective for Reporting Year (RY) 2018, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) now processes Tier II Chemical Reporting through the State of Texas Environmental Electronic Reporting System (STEERS). A site is subject to Tier II reporting requirements if it stores hazardous chemicals in quantities exceeding established thresholds. Tier II reports for RY2018 are due March 1, 2019.

A summary of important notes concerning changes to Tier II reporting is provided below.

  • A Tier II Core Data Form must be submitted through STEERS if any of the following are true:
    • The site submitting the Tier II report has not been assigned a Regulated Entity Number (RN);
    • The client has not been assigned a TXT2 number; or
    • The client's TXT2 number has not been associated with their Customer Number (CN).
  • The owner operator of the Tier II Reporting account should register as a "Tier II Reporting Owner Operator" in STEERS and must grant case-by-case access to any other individuals who wish to make edits to the Tier II reporting files.
    • The "Owner Operator" must grant the "Authorized Representative" access (via STEERS) to the facility's Tier II report for the Authorized Representative to edit the Tier II report.
  • Previously submitted Tier II reports have been migrated into STEERS. However, the TCEQ suggests that past data be reviewed carefully in case any migration errors occurred.
  • Payment of the Tier II fee is submitted upon completion of the Tier II reports in STEERS. A link to the ePay system is provided in STEERS. The TCEQ recommends accessing the ePay system through this link, so the Tier II program will associate the fee payment with the submitted reports.
  • Completed Tier II reports must be sent to Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs) and fire departments. However, this process cannot be completed in STEERS, as the Tier II report will not be accessible in STEERS once it has been submitted. A File Transfer Protocol (FTP) account must be created under the same email as the STEERS account associated with the Tier II Reporting. The completed Tier II reports can then be downloaded from the FTP site and submitted to LEPCs and fire departments.

The TCEQ has published a Tier II user guide that can be accessed here.

Want to learn more about the changes and how to access Tier II in STEERS? Watch our On Demand webinar inclusive of live Q&A from our webinar hosted in January.