On August 31, 2018, the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (VTDEC) updated its Air Pollution Control and CO2 Budget Trading regulations. The regulations became effective September 15, 2018.

The following changes were made:

  • Lowered the permitting threshold for engines to 300 bhp;
  • Added a new adhesive use regulation (applicable only to sources with greater than 200 pounds per year of VOC from adhesives);
  • Expanded the metal coating rule to include plastic coating (not wood) and many new categories of coatings;
  • Added a lithographic printing rule. This effects Lane Press and Offset House with heatset driers but also added some generic requirements;
  • Expanded the flat wood paneling rule. The effective date for this one is 2 years out; and
  • Added a new solvent cleaning regulation. The new regulation applies to any solvent cleaning activities and specifies restrictions on the solvent used, work practices and recordkeeping.

The final regulations can be downloaded here.

If you need help with air permitting issues in Vermont, please contact Kristine Davies, Principal Consultant or Lynne Santos, Managing Consultant at (508) 273-8600 for more information.