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On September 12, 2018, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) posted their revised air standard operating procedures (ASOP) for reviewing excess emission reports (EER). This document (ASOP-10) can be found on the town hall here: The purpose of the document is to provide a procedure for DEQ to review excess emissions reports. Sample checklists and report formats, included as appendixes, are intended for use as guidelines and templates for regulators and industry alike.

The revision, posted September 12, 2018, replaces a prior version, specifically for continuous emissions monitoring (CEM), issued November 14, 2002. The 2018 document expands the discussion to cover all monitoring system types that submit EER including:

  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS)
  • Continuous Opacity Monitoring Systems (COMS)
  • Continuous Parametric Monitoring Systems (CPMS)
  • Predictive Emissions Monitoring Systems (PEMS)

The 2018 revisions provide more detail on what background knowledge about a site a DEQ reviewer should have before reviewing the EER and the steps to go through during their review of the EER.

Please contact Trinity's Roanoke office at (540) 342-5945 for help preparing EERs in accordance with DEQ's ASOP-10.