On February 15, 1995, Forest County Potawatomi Community (FCPC) submitted a request to U.S. EPA to receive recognition as a Class I area. Approval was granted in April 2008. Class I areas receive protection under prevention of significant deterioration (PSD) programs because they are recognized as having national or regional natural, scenic, recreational or historic value.  The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) and FCPC signed an agreement in 1999 outlining provisions for implementation of Class I for FCPC and a memorandum of understanding (MOU) outlining the implementation of the 1999 agreement was signed October 7, 2010. Per the 1999 agreement, sources within a 62 mile radius of the FCPC are affected. The MOU set a July 31, 2012 deadline for determining air quality related values (AQRV) and establishing thresholds. FCPC proposed AQRV thresholds for aquatic systems and water quality, visibility and vegetation. WDNR has met with FCPC to discuss the efforts to adopt and implement the AQRV's. WDNR is still reviewing the AQRV threshold documents. These actions may have future permitting implications for sources in the affected area.