On July 28, 2015, the WDNR published the draft Type B Registration Option Permit (ROP) and Registration Construction Permit (RCP) for public notice.  The Type B RCP/ROP is a standard permit that covers facilities whose annual emissions are less than 50% of the major source thresholds.  Previously, ROP permits were only available for facilities in Wisconsin with emissions less than 25% of the major source thresholds.  Several other qualifications including stack parameters and/or air quality analyses, control device efficiencies, and other applicable federal regulations will be considered by the WDNR in issuing the 50% RCP/ROP.  A public hearing on the draft RCP/ROP will be held August 20, 2015 in Madison, Wisconsin, and written comments may be sent to Dave Minkey by August 27, 2015.

If you think your facility might qualify for a 50% Type B Registration Option Permit or just want to learn more, please contact Jon Frost at (651) 275-9900 x6.