The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) has recently made certain reporting requirements available to Type C Registration Operation (ROP C) permit holders (i.e., printers). Starting this year, ROP C permit holders can submit their air permit compliance certification and monitoring summary (due June 30, 2017) online. In order to submit this report online, permit holders must fill out either the form packet which includes forms 4530-178, 4530-178A, and 4530-179 (found on the "Compliance" tab of the WDNR website, here) or the Environmental Compliance Self-Certification Checklist and Forms packet (found on the WDNR website, here). Forms should be saved as a PDF, and submitted through the Web Access Management System (WAMS). Information on how to register for a WAMS account and submit this report electronically can be found online, here. Note that, while these forms can be submitted electronically, the signature page associated with this report will need to be signed and mailed to the WDNR compliance inspector, as electronic signatures have not been approved for use at this time.

For more information on electronic reporting for ROP C permit holders, please contact Shelley Koehn at (651) 275-9900 X-8.