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The University of Wyoming is collaborating with Rocky Mountain Power, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the Wyoming Governor's office to conduct a study on the feasibility of carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and beneficial use.

The study will focus on two coal-fired power plants: the Naughton Plant in Kemmerer, and the Dave Johnston plant near Glenrock. Rocky Mountain Power will provide technical and economic data specific to the two plants. The goal is to identify options for CO2 capture as well as opportunities to beneficially use it.

The Naughton plant has already retired one of its coal-fired boilers this year, with the possibility of transitioning it to natural gas. Two additional boilers at the facility are slated for retirement in the next ten years (with the possibility of making that as soon as 2022).

This effort represents the latest in Wyoming's efforts to continue to be a major supplier of energy, and to preserve the ability to use coal in today's environment.