Folks who track what's going on in Wyoming government closely know exactly what the CREG report is… CREG stands for Consensus Revenue Estimating Group, and their report is what decision makers in Wyoming government use when they are trying to decide what State programs to fund or cut and how agency budgets will look. The latest report projects a 15% decrease in state general funds available from fiscal year 2018 to 2019, with further decreases projected in 2021. This is based on expected overall decreases in taxes and mineral royalties, and may result in budget cuts for state agencies.

Among other projections included in the report, the group estimates Wyoming crude oil prices will be 45/bbl in 2019 and $55/bbl in 2021, compared to $60/bbl in 2018. The group also predicts, on average, small reductions (<1% annually) in coal production compared to 2018. If state agency budgets are cut in response to the report, it could affect agency response times, permitting, and other state government services for business and citizens.