The minutes from the November meeting of the Wyoming Joint Minerals, Business, & Economic Development Committee have been released. The Committee discussed several issues in preparation for the current legislative session including:

  • Voting to sponsor an amended bill to establish the Wyoming Energy Authority (19LSO-0056).
  • Review of reports/presentations regarding the energy industry, the Wyoming energy strategy, an oil and gas taxation burden study, programs at the University of Wyoming, beneficial use of flare gas, and gender wage disparity.
  • Voting to sponsor legislation regarding limited mining operations, the state's nuclear regulatory agreement, the cease-and-transfer priority list, the Environmental Quality Council, and banking bills related to blockchain technology.

The ultimate outcome of any bills will be determined during Wyoming's legislative session, which is currently underway. Any resulting statutory changes will impact how business is conducted in the state and direct the priorities of state agencies, including ongoing energy development. The meeting minutes, reports, and presentations are available here.

You can review all the bills under consideration during the 2019 Wyoming Legislative session here.