The Wyoming Air Quality Division (WY-AQD) is requiring all minor sources in Wyoming to submit actual emissions data for facilities that operated in the state in 2017.  This is for WY-AQD to build the emissions inventory that all states are required to report to the United States Environmental Protection Agency every three years.  Emissions data collected in 2017 for Wyoming sources is due to the WY-AQD by April 30, 2018.

The WY-AQD offers two mechanisms for reporting emissions: either via submission of paper forms, or use of their online IMPACT (Inventory, Monitoring, Permitting, and Compliance Tracking) system.

The agency's preferred means of reporting is via IMPACT.  The process for companies to obtain secure access to IMPACT is available on Wyoming's website.  Allow a few weeks for this process, which will include providing affidavits for each person who will have access to the system.  The agency is hosting weekly webinars through April to demonstrate how to use IMPACT for emission inventory preparation and submission; click here for more information.

Alternatively, WY-AQD has developed forms that may be used to prepare emission reports on paper.  Click here to visit their website to download the forms.

Trinity has provided training for IMPACT use and has extensive experience preparing emission inventories for many industries. Contact Lori Bocchino at (720) 638-7647 or (307) 421-0021 for assistance with any Wyoming air quality compliance questions.