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Last year, Trinity Consultants gave a fresh branding to the Trinity Technology Team (formerly known as T3) and is now known as EHS Digital Solutions. This re-branding does not change our focus on delivering information solutions uncommonly well; these roots go back over 25 years ago, when Trinity became the first environmental consulting firm to dedicate a services business to environmental information management. Instead, the switch to EHS Digital Solutions represents a mind shift away from solely looking at disruptive and transformation EHS software deployments to focusing on more incremental projects and initiatives that produce measurable results that align with our clients' environmental, health and safety (EHS) strategies and goals.

What are Trinity's core digital solutions services?

Plan. Implement. Sustain. Repeat. In a nutshell, that is our digital solutions business. Trinity helps clients plan, implement, and sustain digital solution projects to meet their EHS needs along their journey to use technology to move their organization's respective EHS programs forward. Specific services are shown below.

Digital Solutions Proven Methodology


What EHS applications does Trinity implement?

Our Digital Solutions team is equipped to deliver on virtually any EHS application. Our methodology and approach can be adapted to digitize any business process. That said, the most common EHS applications are shown in the figure below:



Who are Trinity's software partners?

Trinity manages numerous formalized partnerships with several leading EHS software providers. These partnerships are key to the development of our capability that is necessary to effectively assist our clients. Our strategic software partners include Cority-Enviance, Enablon, Gensuite, Intelex, Dakota, and Sphera. These partners easily represent the largest share of the commercial EHS software marketplace. Further, with a database of over 20 software products, we work with numerous emerging and mid-market vendors to understand the key benefits of these numerous alternative software technologies. As such, we remain technology agnostic to objectively evaluate commercial software based on our client's needs and requirements. We receive no royalties or “back-room kick-backs” for recommending products.

Does Trinity sell EHS software?

Yes, many of our clients are familiar with Trinity's BREEZE modeling software, aimed at enabling a higher capability within the atmospheric air dispersion, hazard release, explosion, health risk, and tank emissions estimating. Through other acquisitions, Trinity has acquired additional commercial software that are directly aligned to augment or accelerate our consulting services. However, none of these are competitors to the enterprise EHS technologies provided by our software partners.

In some cases, commercial software does not meet all the EHS information management needs of every company. Therefore, Trinity also develops and delivers custom compliance solutions that give EHS personnel the ability to streamline procedures, enhance compliance demonstration capabilities, reduce errors, and increase productivity.

What makes Trinity different?

Trinity was the first service provider in the marketplace with a dedicated EHS technology business. As technology and our client continue to evolve, so do we. We are grounded in our deep, specialized expertise in operational and EHS regulatory compliance issues; with unmatched technology and industry-specific knowledge. With that said, our clients hire Trinity for one primary reason: trust. Technology projects can be very difficult to navigate. Our clients count on our agnostic viewpoints and pragmatic approaches to navigate the process and set realistic expectations. Our team combines domain EHS expertise with our deep knowledge of enabling technologies to help select, deliver, and sustain solutions. We work closely with clients to ensure that EHS and business objectives are met through the design and implementation of innovative, cost effective EHS information management solutions. We focus on finding the best-fit solution for our clients, while being mindful of our clients' objectives, priorities, and financial constraints.

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