BREEZE created a product tour video series for BREEZE Incident Analyst to assist users in learning the very basics of using the software. The series of five videos explores how to: use the intuitive user-friendly interface, modify existing chemicals and create new chemical mixtures in the chemicals database, define meteorological conditions and levels of concern, add sources and receptors, and analyze and visualize model results.

BREEZE Incident Analyst is used for emergency response planning, off-site consequence analyses, toxic release analysis requirements, individual risk and human exposure evaluations, and probabilistic risk analyses. The software covers a range of scenarios including toxic exposure to vapor gas, dense gas, and liquid spill releases, overpressure exposure to explosions, and thermal exposure to flammables.


Over 4,000 environmental professionals in more than 90 countries use BREEZE software to assess the impacts of air emissions, fires, and explosion. In addition to developing sophisticated modeling software programs, BREEZE also offers quality-assured model-ready meteorological and terrain data, professional training, high-speed modeling solutions, and specialized consulting services.

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