BREEZE Releases AERMOD 7.10.1 BREEZE AERMOD 7.10.1 is a minor update that includes improvements and bug fixes. With these fixes, BREEZE AERMOD continues to provide the most complete air quality modeling system available in the market today.

Specifically, BREEZE AERMOD 7.10.1 includes these updates:

  • Fixed a bug in the Control window for regulatory NO2-ARM and non-regulatory NO2-ARM2 templates that caused incorrect the input Control Option to setup incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug that prevented emission rates to be entered through the Data tab when using BREEZE Multi-Scenario Processor option for multiple pollutants
  • Fixed a bug that caused AERMOD runs to fail when using certain hourly emission files created by the Hourly Emission File Editor tool

Read the BREEZE AERMOD 7.10.1 release notes for more details.


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