BREEZE Software, the market-leading provider of dispersion modeling software used by environmental professionals around the world, released a new version of BREEZE AERSCREEN, an intuitive screening air quality modeling system based on U.S. EPA AERMOD air quality dispersion model.


This update integrates the latest U.S. EPA AERSCREEN and AERMOD executable 15181, released on July 24, 2015, ensuring full regulatory compliance for users. Version 1.7 also features a refined start page that will provide users with a wealth of resources in an easy-to-find layout.

Features List:

  • Incorporated the latest U.S. EPA AERSCREEN executable 15181, which includes options for inversion break-up and shoreline fumigation and a new debug option to output intermediate outputs
  • Incorporated the latest U.S. EPA MAKEMET executable 15181
  • Incorporated the latest U.S. EPA AERMOD executable 15181
  • Overhauled the BREEZE AERSCREEN start page with a new informative layout
  • Improved network dongle efficiency


Read the BREEZE AERSCREEN 1.7 Release Notes.


Over 4,000 environmental professionals in more than 90 countries use BREEZE software to assess the impacts of air emissions, fires, and explosion. In addition to developing sophisticated modeling software programs, BREEZE also offers quality-assured model-ready meteorological and terrain data, professional training, high-speed modeling solutions, and specialized consulting services.

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