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BREEZE Software releases its first update to AERMOD/ISC Version 7, first introduced in early 2009.  The 7.1 Version includes enhancements requested by current users.  We will explore four of these new features.

Roadway sshot
  The new roadway tool allows users to create
  roadways made up of volume sources.
  Available in BREEZE AERMOD/ISC version 7.1.
ISCST3 Integration

BREEZE has integrated both the AERMOD and ISCST3 model into the same graphical user interface (GUI).  Users can run the standard U.S. EPA models of ISCST3 and ISCPrime.  To switch between AERMOD and ISC, simply choose the desired model in the application options form.  This feature is accessed through the blue “b” icon in the upper left corner of the application and next selecting the Options button.  ISCST3 integration is available in our Pro and Pro Plus editions.

Roadway Tool for Volume Sources

The roadway tool was added to assist in the creation of roadways made up of volume sources.  Simply draw the roadway, enter the vehicle height, adjusted roadway width, emission rate, and choose whether or not you want the roadway to be represented as adjacent or separated volume sources, and that’s it!  The roadway tool is available in our Pro and Pro Plus editions.

Sensitive Receptors

The sensitive receptor option allows users to flag discrete receptors as being “sensitive”. BREEZE AERMOD will create a separate grouping of receptors that can be viewed in the ASCII AERMOD output file and in an HTML report file.  This option allows for easy identification of selected concentration results from AERMOD model runs.

Heightmaps and Shaded Relief Maps

Heightmaps and shaded relief maps are compatible with the 09040 version of AERMAP. This feature was only available in the 06341 version of AERMAP previously.

Maintenance users will receive BREEZE AERMOD/ISC Version 7.1 download instructions via email.  Contact us today at (972) 661-8881 to purchase software maintenance to receive software support and the Version 7.1 update.

BREEZE AERMOD is available in two editions allowing users to choose the level of functionality they need.  Learn more about BREEZE Software and view video demonstrations at