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For over 25 years, BREEZE Software has developed a wide range of applications including air dispersion, accidental release, and explosion safety assessment models.  In addition to the BREEZE product line, the development staff evaluates, develops, and adapts dispersion modeling algorithms for specific needs and builds custom software for government and various industries worldwide.  The adaptability of BREEZE software is apparent in these demonstrations.

NO2 Post-Processing Utility

On April 12, 2010, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enacted a new hourly standard for nitrogen dioxide (NO2).  The new standard lacked a direct calculation method within EPA’s AERMOD modeling system to generate the desired “three-year average of the 98th-percentile of the yearly distribution of 1-hour daily maximum concentrations.”responded by developing a NO2 post-processing utility to seamlessly integrate into3D Analyst.designed 3D Analyst to be a universal program, one that handles output from a wide variety of models and can be easily updated with solutions to meet the needs of an ever-expanding customer base.  The outcome allowed users to quickly calculate, analyze, and visualize the results of their NO2 modeling using3D Analyst and the NO2 post-processing utility.

Combining Model Outputs: Buoyant Line Plume and AERMOD

BREEZE developers also have a wealth of experience in creating solutions for unique modeling scenarios.  A client needed to combine output from the Buoyant Line Plume (BLP) model with results from an AERMOD model run.  With a limited amount of time to perform the analysis, BREEZE developers formulated an effective solution since no “off-the-shelf” solution existed.  Careful modifications were made to the BLP output format without affecting the data integrity.  After modification, the BLP output file was merged with AERMOD output data using functionality in BREEZE 3D Analyst. 

The BREEZE Software team has experience with a wide range of modeling applications and is a Certified Microsoft®  Development Partner.  Think BREEZE Software when your projects fall outside the box of current software capabilities.  Contact us today for a quote at (972) 661-8881 or  Learn more about Software products, data, and services at