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Are you one of the many organizations that made early investments in the EHS management information system (EMIS) marketplace? Is your EMIS deployment starting to feel outdated, underutilized, or simply out of touch with your organization's operational reality? Changes due to mergers and acquisitions, new regulatory requirements, updated operations, and organizational evolution can result in an underperforming EMIS solution. It may be time to conduct a health check and a tune up of your EMIS solution.

Here are some common complaints Trinity hears from our clients regarding underperforming EMIS solutions:

  • “Since the system champion left, no one in the organization knows how to update the system.”
  • “It takes too long to use the system, so I just use my spreadsheets.”
  • “I'm spending too much time tracking down data only to spend more time entering it. This should be more automated.”
  • “Most of our personnel and contractors don't use or even have access to the system.”
  • “It seems like we do all the work to maintain the system. I want the system to work for me.”

Just because your EMIS solution is underperforming or out of date, it doesn't mean it needs to be completely replaced with another expensive system or abandoned. Maybe all your system needs is a little health check. What is a health check for an EMIS Solution look like? Just like regulatory compliance requires periodic auditing to help surface compliance issues, an EMIS Health Check takes a step back to analyze and assess the current state of the system including how the system is being used to enable EHS business processes. How often is it accessed and by whom? How is the quality of the master and transactional data? How is data entered and retrieved? The current state is then compared against three key areas:

  • Objectives, goals, and requirements of initial deployment
  • Major organizational, operational, regulatory, personnel, or other relevant changes
  • Evolution of the EMIS technology marketplace since initial deployment

Trinity's Technology Team (T3) has an intimate understanding of the complexities that our clients face keeping up with changes in their organizations, operations, regulatory obligations, and personnel that can cause their EMIS solutions to become out of date. We couple our knowledge of EMIS solutions with our EHS compliance expertise to help organizations maximize the value from their EMIS investments. Contact Marcin Steciak of Trinity's Technology Team (T3) for more information on T3's capabilities or if you are interested in an EHS Data Systems Health Check.