Signed in 2012, the Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest Establishment Act authorized EPA to implement a national electronic manifest system for waste handlers to complete, sign, transmit, and store manifest information electronically. Trinity through it’s partner network, including IEA’s regAction EMIS (Environmental Management Information System), stands on the forefront of electronic compliance solutions for all industry affected by this act. This team of subject matter experts constantly monitors new proposed regulations to ensure compliance goals are accomplished within the realm of hazardous waste compliance.

IEA’s regAction software coupled with Trinity’s professional services provides a web-based waste tracking and management solution to support industry in meeting current and future requirements, including the new e-Manifest system requirements. Trinity’s T3 division currently provides users with the functional tools to manage on-site waste inventory management, off-site waste manifest printing, return manifest tracking, rental equipment management tools, and federal and state electronic reporting capabilities. This software solution is also designed to support mobile capabilities. Mobility will be a useful tool when meeting compliance with the new e-Manifest system for submitting manifests and capturing electronic signatures.

With the fast approaching October 2015 deadline, industry has to be pro-active with a solution to support waste compliance. The combination of this software and Trinity/T3’s professional services will provide that solution to support our clients’ current waste management and reporting needs, as well as any future regulations to come.

For more information regarding Trinity/T3’s tools and services to address e-Manifest compliance, please contact Don Smith at