According to the Verdantix Green Quadrant report for EH&S software, common EH&S function plays a leading role in selecting and funding EH&S software. The specific capabilities and areas of functionality that EH&S leaders look for when evaluating offerings, includes the following:

  • Aggregating EH&S data in a single, auditable database
    In spite of the wide-ranging capabilities offered from software providers, establishing a single repository for managing a firm’s global EH&S data is the main benefit from deploying software. Particularly for recent implementers of software, this represents a significant step up from managing their data via multiple spreadsheets, custom-built databases, and paper log books.
  • Enhancing reporting capabilities to reduce the risk of non-compliance
    Fulfilling regulatory requirements and compliance reporting remains a primary reason for investing in EH&S software. Significant financial and reputational risks can be associated with non-compliance, highlighted by the $110 million fine Walmart received in 2013 for violating the Clean Water Act. Such fines dwarf the costs of software licenses. Software that integrates data from multiple facility types on a global basis is key.
  • Combining traditional EH&S data with new sustainability metrics
    EH&S function is becoming increasingly responsible for measuring sustainability metrics. This movement towards integrating environmental and sustainability reporting is highly important to EH&S management system buyers, as most require software to manage GHG emissions. The majority also require management capabilities for water, waste, and air emissions.
  • Solving specific EH&S business process issues
    Regulatory compliance remains the primary motivator for investment in EH&S software solutions. This drives investment in specific modules on an incremental basis to solve particular requirements as they arise. U.S. utilities, for example, will need to comply with the upcoming Mercury and Air Toxics Standards.

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