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Accelerating EHS program success requires more than reliable data collection and emailing Excel-based reports. It demands enhanced working processes, efficient communication and action, and heightened data analytics through visualization and trending. When EHS programs combine Trinity's regulatory expertise with the latest technology solutions, organizations are able to make informed decisions, manage performance against meaningful metrics, and drive their EHS programs to new levels.

Trinity and Enablon, a Wolters Kluwer business, have several joint clients benefiting from the digital solutions we offer. Recently, Trinity partnered with clients in the Utility and Oil & Gas sectors to evaluate, implement and sustain enterprise-wide Enablon platform for Incident Management, Management of Change, Job Hazard Analysis, Compliance and Permit Management, Air, GHG, Water, and Waste applications.

Overall, clients saw the key benefits below:

  1. Reduced overall cost of IT systems by consolidating disparate systems into one, enterprise-wide solution.
  2. Reduced time required to manage data quality, create routine reports and find areas of improvement.
  3. Improved EHS performance as EHS professionals were able to shift focus from manual tasks to problem solving and employees had better access to EHS information and reporting.

Why the Trinity-Enablon Partnership?

The Trinity-Enablon partnership has been built on complementary expertise and solution-oriented focus for clients. Our mission is to develop and sustain a cohesive working relationship that is laser focused on maximizing the value of the Enablon platform to help our mutual clients meet their goals and objectives. Our vision is to establish a long-term partnership that will evolve as technology and our clients' businesses grow and advance. Our mutual values align through our relentless commitment to deliver comprehensive and effective solutions to EHS management, and our client's organization as a whole.

As a proud and dedicated service provider for the Enablon platform, Trinity focuses on three success imperatives:

  • Continually expand Trinity's capabilities with Enablon applications
  • Integrate the Trinity and Enablon services teams and processes
  • Maximize the value of Trinity's Air Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental expertise by incorporating our services with Enablon solution implementation.

Who is Enablon?

Enablon is a market leader in EHS, Risk, Operations, and Sustainability Management software, providing solutions to minimize risks, increase worker safety, help prevent incidents, and achieve regulatory compliance to hundreds of organizations. Enablon has coupled EHS platform capabilities with Operational Risk Management (ORM) through the acquisitions of eVision Software and CGE Risk Management Solutions, to deliver one of the only software with a complete, and extensive EHS and ORM solution. The company's global headquarters is in Paris, France, with its North American headquarters in Chicago, IL. Enablon has global offices in Australia, United Kingdom, United States, The Hague, Al Khobar and Doha. Enablon was founded in Paris in 2000 as a Sustainability and Performance Management solution. In 2008, Enablon opened its first US-based office in Chicago followed by opening its first office in Sydney, Australia in 2009. In 2016 Enablon was acquired by Wolters Kluwer, a global provider of professional information software solutions. In 2018, Enablon was joined by eVision, a market leading ORM software for digital permit to work and operational safety, and in 2020 by CGE Risk Management Solutions, the leading provider in barrier-based risk management solutions.

Where Does Enablon Excel?

Enablon offers a large set of applications to manage operational risks, ensure compliance, improve performance and engage with stakeholders. Enablon focuses on, and excels in, six key business areas:

  • Health and Safety - covers all aspects of process safety management and worker health and safety by delivering applications focus on incident management, behavioral based-safety management, job safety and job hazard analysis, inspection management, occupational health, and action plans.
  • Operational Risk Management - helps to ensure operational excellence by enabling reliable, efficient and productive operations with fewer shutdowns and slowdowns through risk mitigation, real-time operational effectiveness monitoring, and risk and adverse event prediction. Applications focus on control of work, barrier management, field operations, process hazard analysis, risk management, management of change, and inspections.
  • Environmental and Sustainability - simplifies and automates collecting, managing, tracking and reporting environmental and sustainability data to drive compliance and sustainable operations. Applications focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting, management of GHG emissions, air emissions, compliance, waste, water, and stakeholders.
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance - helps companies achieve objectives and manage threats by embedding risk management at all levels of the organization. Applications focus on risk management, internal control, internal audit, business continuity, insurance & claims management, and regulatory compliance.
  • Product Stewardship and Supply Chain - assures the quality, safety and compliance of products and materials, while providing tools to also help protect the health and safety of employees, customers and the environment. Applications focus on management of product compliance and stewardship, chemicals, supply chain, and contractor safety.
  • Quality Management - aids in quality management issues and risks by managing defects, non-conformances and customer complaints in collaboration with the organization and supply chain. Applications focus on management of non-conformities or non-compliance events, audits, inspections, supply chain, actions, risks, and performance metrics. Applications for document control, regulatory compliance, product compliance and stewardship, and internal audits complete the quality management offering.

What are Enablon's Leading Applications?

Enablon's platform applies key EHS principles of risk and events reduction, action and change management, and performance improvement to its overall architecture, resulting in several shared functionality across specialized EHS areas. The result is a user-friendly, cross-functional tool that serves the needs of diverse organizations without compromising the end-user experience. Commonly used applications for the EHS focus areas above include:

  • Incident and Event Management - manage incidents, event investigations, cause analysis and actions with automated workflows, alerts and validations
  • Inspection and Audit Management - standardize and automate assignment of questionnaires and checklists, enable prompt completion and actions follow-up with alerts, and analyze data and trends from inspections and audits
  • Action Plan Management - central repository of actions resulting from EHS activities (audits, inspections, management of change, event investigation, etc.) with ability to configure follow-ups, assignment, and alerts, as well as improved tracking and reporting on completion and results
  • Management of Change - manage organizational change and changes to procedures, processes, equipment, products and other business elements to mitigate risk, ensure proper procedure methodology and regulatory compliance
  • Risk Management - standardize and conduct risk assessments, manage key risk indicators, control risk assessment and validation workflows, and track evolution of risks with risk versioning
  • Enablon Go - mobile application for easily reporting or accessing information, and performing critical tasks

How is Enablon Supporting COVID Response?

Enablon is providing thought leadership and software tools to help companies and individuals respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. They partnered with the North American Environmental Manager (NAEM) organization to sponsor an industry benchmark report in June of 2020. They have also dedicated blog posts to valuable COVID-19 topics such as return-to-work reputational risks, and key considerations for workplace and COVID-19 risk assessments and controls to name just a few. Finally, Enablon developed a “COVID-19 Protect & Respond Software Package”, which is a complete set of software tools to help companies improve operational resilience by enabling them to:

  • Monitor workforce health, implement controls, and ensure compliance with new health and safety protocols.
  • Get insight into global, regional, and site-level performance to effectively manage compliance and risk.
  • Build operational continuity while also monitoring infections and maintaining robust controls in a scalable, cloud-based platform with rapid deployment capability.

The solution focuses on key aspects of pandemic response and data management. It allows individuals to easily submit self-assessments to monitor for risk factors and symptoms, and manage the initial report through investigation and actions. It manages ongoing cases including testing, contact-tracing, and the return-to-work process in a single dedicated software solution. It helps corporations manage global, regional/division, or site-specific policy requirements by creating tasks that can be distributed to each level of the organization, and facilitating inspections or audits against the requirements of the policies. Data stays secure by managing access through user permissions, notifications and data retrieval/remove. Lastly, the Enablon Go mobile application makes accessing, reporting and responding to information in the real world easier than ever. Standard reports and dashboards help companies and individuals stay informed and make data-based decisions in a time where data has never been more valuable. For more information, please visit Enablon's website.

The Trinity-Enablon partnership allows Trinity to combine its EHS consulting and Enablon expertise to adeptly support clients as they evaluate, implement, sustain, or expand their Enablon applications. Our team delivers carefully planned, intelligently designed, and expertly deployed system to clients across all industrial sectors. To learn more about Trinity's capabilities within the Enablon platform, contact your local Trinity office, or Trinity's Digital Solutions team.