We've been hard at work to bring you software updates for BREEZE CALPUFF and 3D Analyst. The latest versions of these software, which are available today, are packed with new, resourceful features that will make air quality modeling easier for you, help you minimize model setup time and enable you to more efficiently analyze and visualize data and model results.


BREEZE CALPUFF offers a user-friendly graphical interface for the latest U.S. EPA-approved version of the CALPUFF modeling system. The interface improves productivity by offering users more tools and functionality that results in a seamless, time-efficient model setup and results analysis process.

Version 2.3 Updates

Modelers will enjoy a faster, more powerful software utilizing these new enhancements:

  • Incorporate the latest U.S. EPA-approved version of the CALPUFF modeling system
  • Incorporate one of Exponent's latest versions of the CALPUFF modeling system (version 6)
  • Increase efficiency with the updated map control that includes significant improvements to the Map view

Read the BREEZE CALPUFF 2.3 release notes for a complete list of updates.


BREEZE 3D Analyst3D Analyst - Appearance Settings

BREEZE 3D Analyst is a powerful post-processor that enables modelers to analyze and visualize data in multiple formats in order to better understand, interpret, and summarize modeling results.

Version 2.3.2 Updates

Modelers will be able to analyze results with more clarity using these new features:

  • Enable a feature to save the Appearance settings for the model result graphics, including the settings for Contour Levels
  • Add options to save data and project templates under the BREEZE Application button
  • Add support for Surfer Version 13

Read the BREEZE 3D Analyst 2.3.2 release notes for a complete list of updates and bug fixes.


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