June 22, 2011 (Dallas, TX) – T3, a division of Trinity Consultants that specializes in implementing EH&S information management solutions, announces that it has developed a tool to facilitate electronic reporting of greenhouse gas emissions that can be used with EPA’s electronic Greenhouse Gas Reporting Tool (e-GGRT). The Excel-based tool enables users to link to or enter emissions data for units subject to Subpart C (for combustion sources) of EPA’s Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gases Rule (MRR) and produce a specially formatted (.xml) file that can be bulk uploaded. This tool can save the user many hours of data entry time associated with entering emissions data for multiple units through EPA’s web forms, and it can also minimize errors that can occur through manual data entry.

Industrial facilities required to report their GHG emissions under the MRR must do so by the September 30, 2011 deadline for 2010 data. This deadline was extended from the initial March 30 deadline in order to allow EPA to complete and sufficiently test the e-GGRT system. Annual GHG emissions data submitted through the process is intended to inform EPA’s policymaking on GHG reductions. Thousands of industrial facilities are subject to Subpart C requirements as combustion sources are ubiquitous among industrial facilities, many of whom will be facing emissions reporting requirements for the first time. T3’s .xml tool was developed by a team with both environmental and computer science expertise. According to Dr. Hung-Ming (Sue) Sung, Director of T3, “This tool is a valuable productivity enhancer for facilities with many combustion sources. In addition to speeding the data input process, it greatly reduces the chances of entering erroneous data and greatly streamlines the process of calculating and reporting their emissions.”

A webinar to discuss the latest updates from EPA on e-GGRT functionality and how to automate reporting using the Excel-based tool with built-in XML generation capability will be presented on July 14 and July 21.

T3 implements proprietary and commercial software solutions to EH&S data management and reporting at industrial facilities. Parent company Trinity Consultants performs over 2,000 environmental consulting projects annually, primarily focusing on air quality regulatory issues affecting industrial facilities. Trinity also markets BREEZE environmental modeling software, implements technology solutions for EH&S information management, and provides professional EH&S training and EH&S staffing services.