Texas Air Quality Permits by Rule (PBR)

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Texas Permits by Rule (PBR) Primer Webinar

Jun 18, 2019

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Texas Permits by Rule Overview

As part of the Clean Air Act, Permits by Rule (PBRs) are a type of authorization required for new sources, the addition of a facility, or due to a change in source operations.  PBRs have associated technical requirements such as emissions quantification, control technology evaluations, air quality analyses (including regulatory dispersion modeling), emission standards applicability, and compliance assurance.

Some Common PBRs:

  • Boilers, Heaters, and Other Combustion Devices
  • Soldering, Brazing, Welding
  • Facilities (General PBRs 106.261 and 262)
  • Routine Maintenance, Startup and Shutdown of Facilities, and Temporary Maintenance Facilities
  • Surface Coating Facilities
  • Liquid Storage Tanks and Loading
  • Portable and Emergency Engines and Turbines
  • Stationary Engines and Turbines
  • PBRs for Oil & Gas Industry

Trinity Consultants can assist with all types of air permitting, including PBRs. Although PBRs are a streamlined approach to permitting, applying them correctly can be challenging. We have completed thousands of   permitting projects and our experience translates into accurate, timely permit applications that are strategically crafted for maximum flexibility, and expert negotiations with regulatory agencies, in turn streamlining the permitting process.