CDP Verification and Assurance

The international non-profit organization, CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) has established the world's largest repository of data on key environmental parameters (particularly carbon and energy) as reported voluntarily by companies and cities.  Climate data is collected from over 5,000 companies annually and used for investment decisions by many organizations, including financial information platforms. Thus, it is important that the climate data submitted are accurate and supported by reasonable assumptions. One of CDP's strategic aims is to promote third-party verification as an integral part of the disclosure process to meet the growing demand for reliable and accurate data.

Importance of Third-Party Verification 

Numerous benefits are realized by a reporting entity from an independent verification of CDP climate change and sustainability data and information.  

  • Higher CDP response scores
  • Improved stakeholder perceptions
  • Increased data reliability
  • Carbon inventory improvement 

Trinity's GHG Verification Team consists of environmental professionals with science and engineering backgrounds, most with advanced degrees and professional certifications. Our multi-disciplined staff provides the highest quality verification services that enhance regulatory compliance while maximizing operational flexibility. Trinity helps its clients accomplish this by combining regulatory expertise, technical proficiency, responsiveness, and creative thinking. Trinity's GHG Verification Team provides the following unique benefits to our clients: 

  • Subject matter expertise: Trinity is experienced with sustainability scoring assessments and corporate responsibility disclosure programs, including CDP
  • Industry leader recognition: Trinity is recognized as an industry leader in air quality and climate change issues
  • In-depth knowledge: Trinity's team has in-depth knowledge and understanding of GHG emission inventories and GHG-related regulatory requirements
  • Verification accreditation: Trinity is an accredited verification body through the California Air Resource Board (ARB) with team members that have accreditations including the following: 
    • Accredited Lead Verifiers, with all three sector specific accreditations (Oil and Gas, Process, and Transaction)
    • ARB accredited Offset Project Lead Verifiers
  • Professional Credentials: Trinity team members have various professional credentials, as well as:
    • Certified Professional EHS Auditors through the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)
    • Certified RABQSA (Exemplar Global) Environmental Management Systems Lead Auditors
    • Certified Practitioners for Energy Management Systems
    • Certified Energy Auditors
  • High quality product: Trinity's consulting and verification practices and operations follow ISO 9001 standards, ensuring the delivery of high quality technical products
  • Relevant project experiences: Trinity has relevant experience in GHG verifications, GHG management plans, enterprise-wide inventories, and carbon footprinting exercises for national and international corporations across various industry sectors and multiple locations
  • Streamlined process: Trinity works efficiently with in-house checklists, protocols, and other tools developed during prior GHG emissions verification/ inventory projects
  • Proven track record: Trinity's sector leading track record includes the completion of over 100 GHG emission inventory projects and over 50 GHG verification projects annually

For any questions regarding the CDP climate data verification services, please contact Dr. Charles Lee, Principal Consultant, at (949) 567-9880 or, or Mr. Rich Pandullo, Director, at (919) 462-9693 or