EHS Management Systems

ISO 14000 is an internationally recognized environmental management standard with its origins in sustainable development.  While not for everyone, ISO 14001 certification may be appropriate for multi-national organizations or for those being required to obtain certification by their customers (e.g. suppliers to IBM, Ford, and GM).  It may also provide a strategic business advantage for companies attempting to enter new markets or promote a record of environmental stewardship.  Additionally, the American Chemistry Council (ACC)'s Responsible Care® program for environmental, health, and safety management has merged with ISO 14001 to create the Responsible Care 14001 initiative. Companies that are ACC members have the option to use one certification process to register that their management systems conform with both the Responsible Care program and ISO 14001.

In contrast to a regulatory-driven approach to environmental management, ISO 14000 challenges organizations to establish their own environmental objectives, develop effective implementation strategies, measure progress, commit to continual improvement, improve employee awareness, and establish individual and collective responsibilities.  Trinity Consultants assists clients in preparing for ISO 14001 certification in a variety of ways.

  • Performing a gap analysis between existing environmental management systems and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System - Specification with Guidance for Use) or Responsible Care 14001 requirements
  • Developing and implementing missing EMS elements
  • Coaching clients on how to achieve real, measurable value from an EMS
  • Training management and employees
  • Documenting ISO 14001 conformity
  • Assisting with self-certification

For assistance with selection, implementation, or preparing for certification under a management system, please contact Trinity at (800) 229-6655.

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