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Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Safety Services

Trinity has significantly expanded its industrial hygiene and occupational health and safety services in recent years through several key acquisitions: SafeBridge Consultants in 2012, Toxicology Regulatory Services (TRS) in 2017, and the Redstone Group in 2018. With these acquisitions, Trinity now offers board-certified health and safety professionals that have years of experience serving clients' regulatory needs in chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food product, and laboratory workplaces.

Trinity has a broad base of experience in toxicology, industrial hygiene and industrial safety. The industrial hygiene and occupational safety and health team includes industrial hygienists to assess worker exposure and recommend controls, safety professionals to develop regulatory compliance programs and on-site inspection services toxicologists capable of determining and documenting safe workplace exposure levels for new chemicals, and chemists knowledgeable in analytical techniques capable of detecting novel chemical materials at extremely low levels.
Trinity has board-certified health and safety professionals across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Europe.

Following are just a few of the services our experienced and certified professionals can provide:

  • Industrial hygiene and safety 
  • Occupational and environmental health and safety program and project management
  • Regulatory compliance and litigation support
  • Occupational health crisis management and risk communication
  • Hazard and risk assessment services
  • Occupational and environmental toxicology

For industrial hygiene, Trinity has performed exposure assessments and implemented exposure controls for numerous types of chemicals in a wide array of industries. Some key industries served and particular areas of expertise include: 

  • Pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals
  • Respirable crystalline silica
  • Welding and metalworking including hexavalent chromium
  • Oil and gas
  • Benzene (BTEX) and other volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and hydrocarbons (HCs)
  • Ethylene oxide worker and community exposure assessments
  • Noise surveys and exposure assessments
  • Local exhaust ventilation design
  • Laboratory ventilation and exposure assessments
  • Industrial hygiene data analysis and exposure modelling 
  • Chemical storage including separation of incompatible chemicals
  • Indoor air quality including mold inspection, sampling, and remediation planning and clearance
  • Isocyanates including spray

Accredited Analytical Laboratory Services

Our industrial hygiene laboratory develops analytical methods to help the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries meet their workplace air monitoring and surface sampling requirements. 
We have developed or modified industrial hygiene sampling and analytical methods to help our clients meet their workplace air monitoring requirements. Our methods achieve high sensitivity and high recovery rate through the proper choice of filter media and extracting procedures as well as the optimization of air and surface sampling parameters.
The methods are validated with respect to analytical detection limits, precision and accuracy. Data on the stability of compounds relative to airflow volume and storage conditions and recovery off of surfaces are contained in these methods.
We are accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association Laboratory Accreditation Programs (AIHA-LAP, LLC) for the analysis of active pharmaceutical ingredients. As part of our AIHA-accreditation, we met the following criteria:

  • Operates a quality system that meets the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard ISO/IEC 17025. This standard incorporates the principles of ISO 9001 that are relevant to the scope of testing services addressed by the laboratory.
  • Operates a laboratory in which sampling and testing procedures are performed with adequate controls by well-qualified personnel using appropriate equipment, Standard Operating Procedures and validated methods.
  • Maintains an ongoing Proficiency Testing (PT) program.
  • Participates in an independent third-party auditing program to ensure compliance with requirements.

IH Projects

Client/Project #1 Ongoing, on-demand industrial hygiene services

Trinity has provided ongoing, on-demand industrial hygiene services for over 10 years for construction projects overseen by a general contractor. This long-term, repeat customer relies on our responsiveness and expertise. Typical activities have included, but are not limited to:

  • Conduct respirable crystalline silica exposure monitoring
  • Conduct welding fume and hexavalent chromium exposure monitoring
  • Evaluate exposures to volatile organic chemicals during roofing and flooring installations
  • Investigate potential mold contamination issues and develop mold remediation plans
  • Evaluate the potential for residual contamination from historical laboratory or production operations that could impact construction activities

Client/Project #2 Respirable crystalline silica safe use determination repot

Trinity conducted field exposure monitoring and modeled potential user exposures for a wood filler product containing respirable crystalline silica in order to prepare and submit an application for a Safe Use Determination from the state of California. Although still pending, initial favorable feedback indicates the application is expected to be accepted and silica labeling requirements for the product in California will be removed.

Client/Project #3 Benzene emergency response exposure monitoring

During a high-profile fire and chemical release in the Gulf Region, benzene and other chemicals were released into the air, causing concerns at facilities for miles around. Trinity conducted air monitoring at a neighboring facility and assisted in creating a plan to determine when and how to respond to any unsafe conditions. The monitoring continued for several weeks, keeping employees protected while clean-up operations occurred nearby. 

Client/Project #4 Developed and implemented a chemical storage coding system

Trinity developed a chemical storage code system for a Fortune 500 food production company. The system includes hazard identification for all chemicals on site, supplemental labeling of containers to help ensure proper storage, designation and identification of storage areas, and employee training. Trinity has reviewed over 5,000 products containing chemicals for the client and identified the proper storage code for each.