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Listen to the latest episode of Convenience Matters where Alex Marcucci discusses how the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard impacts the fuel market.

163 Challenges and Successes With Low Carbon Fuel Standard Programs
Alex Marcucci // Sr. Engineer // Trinity Consultants


Compliance with fuel regulations requires an informed and in-depth knowledge of all of the pertinent federal and state regulations. Trinity Consultants has fuel specialists with this expertise who provide a wide range of services related to transportation fuel regulations to clients such as refineries, biofuel producers, bulk fuel traders, third-party resellers, importers, and distributors. Our experienced staff assists clients with regulatory development participation as well as compliance with regulatory requirements. With respect to the former, we attend public workshops, produce digests of regulatory requirements and actions, and assist clients in drafting comments and testimony on proposed regulations and amendments. In addition, we provide expert technical support to clients involved in litigation challenging new or amended regulations as well as in government enforcement actions and relevant commercial disputes.

Our fuels regulatory and compliance services include: 

  • Provide support with federal and state gasoline program compliance
    • Averaging, banking, and trading of sulfur and benzene credits
    • Flexibility and hardship provisions
    • Fuel certification
    • Fuel distributor and blender registration
    • Bulk terminal fuel handling
    • Pipeline fuel specifications
  • Assist with Renewable Fuel Standard compliance
    • RIN transaction reporting
    • Renewable Volume Obligation (RVO) calculation
    • Economic and environmental assessments
  • Assist with federal GHG reporting requirements
    • System registration and GHG report filing
    • Compliance analysis for importers and bulk fuel purchasers
  • Support compliance with CARB's Low Carbon Fuel Standard
    • LCFS quarterly credit data analysis
    • LCFS market participation and credit transaction management
    • Fuel pathway processing, application, and life cycle analysis
    • Fuel transaction/product transfer document review
    • LCFS quarterly report preparation
    • Credit calculation and economic analysis
  • Provide support with CARB's Alternative Diesel Fuel regulation
    • Fuel records and blend data review
    • Quarterly ADF report preparation
    • Regulatory cost analysis
  • Assist with California Cap-and-Trade requirements
    • Mandatory Reporting Rule report preparation
    • Compliance status assessment
    • Benchmark and allowance allocation calculations
  • Miscellaneous Support
    • CVS monthly newsletter covering all California regulatory events and activity related to fuels and mobile sources (available by subscription)
    • Customized updates on all new federal and state regulatory activity (workshops, workgroup meetings, panel meetings, public meetings, Board hearings, seminars etc.)
    • General education and training services to fuel producers, importers, marketers, distributors, and blenders
    • Assistance with written and verbal communications with regulatory agencies 

For assistance, contact Jim Lyons at jlyons@trinityconsultants.com or (916) 273-5138 or Alex Marcucci at amarcucci@trinityconsultants.com or (916) 273-5133.