Mobile Source Support and Engine Certification

Trinity Consultants, with Sierra Research, is uniquely qualified to provide a wide range of mobile source modeling and certification support services as described below. 

Mobile Source Modeling Analysis

Sierra has an extensive history with mobile source emission factor, emission inventory and vehicle simulation models – covering both model development and model application.  Models include the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (U.S. EPA's) MOVES, MOBILE, and NONROAD series and the California Air Resources Board's (CARB's) EMFAC and OFFROAD series.  Sierra also develops customized versions of MOVES, MOBILE, NONROAD, and EMFAC to address specific clients’ needs and has adapted and implemented a vehicle simulation model, VEHSIM, for a variety of applications.  Learn more>>    

Vehicle and Engine Certification and In-Use Compliance Support

Sierra has considerable experience in assisting manufacturers in negotiating the complex process of applying for both federal and California emission certification.  Sierra's assistance ranges from reviewing certification materials and data and providing advice all the way to completing all required paperwork/electronic filings for a manufacturer.  Sierra also has extensive experience working with manufacturers to resolve in-use compliance issues with the California Air Resources Board and U.S. EPA.  Learn more>>

For assistance with mobile source testing, modeling, and certification support services, please contact Jim Lyons at (916) 444-6666 or or Alex Marcucci at (916) 444-6666 or