Aquatic Biology

Minnow Environmental Inc., a Trinity Consultants company with offices in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada, specializes in aquatic ecology, fisheries biology, benthic invertebrate ecology, water and sediment quality, toxicology, and environmental behavior, transport and fate of chemicals. Clients include major industrial companies throughout Canada, primarily in the mining industry. Minnow’s project experience includes: 

  • Baseline studies
  • Regulatory approvals and permits
  • Chemical and geochemical investigations
  • Environmental effects monitoring (EEM)
  • Monitoring program design
  • Statistical evaluations of water, sediment and biological data
  • Water quality objectives and guideline development.
  • Water quality and effluent plume modelling.
  • Impact assessments
  • Species inventories and habitat evaluations
  • Senior advisory input
  • Communications and training

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