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Air Emissions Tracking: Managing Air Quality Compliance for the Surface Coating Industry

Are you responsible for achieving / maintaining air quality compliance for surface coating operations at your facility? If so, we invite you to join Trinity Consultants along with our software partner, ERA, as we discuss the regulatory drivers and technology solutions for air quality compliance for the surface coating industry. Our webinar highlighted common challenges and best practices for surface coating compliance processes including chemical management, material inventory tracking, coating usage transactions, regulatory recordkeeping and compliance reporting. 

To complement these best practices, ERA will showcase their integrated Chemical and Emissions Management applications. The ERA platform maintains data integrity using automation to streamline data collection, roll-up, and QAQC of all chemical / coating usage and material data, generating a wide range of compliance reports. ERA will demonstrate how technology can be used to assist the surface coating industry with meeting their air quality compliance obligations efficiently and confidently.

Course Topics

  • MACT, NSPS and Air Permit concepts and definitions related to coating and adhesive usage
  • Examples of common pitfalls and best practices for compliance calculations and recordkeeping
  • Structuring your processes and data to avoid information silos
  • Benefits of technology and enabled processes:
  • Centralized materials management
    • Coating vendor data interfaces
    • Data quality monitoring
    • Automated data integrity
    • Compliance status tracking and reporting
  • Overview of how ERA Emissions Software can help you achieve compliance


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