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Complimentary Webinar: Data Centers - Environmental Permitting & Reporting - What you need to know prior to and after construction

This webinar provides an overview of environmental considerations you need to know prior to and after constructing a data center in the United States. New construction projects may require authorization from state and/or federal environmental agencies in the form of a permit. Obtaining an environmental permit (for example, an air quality permit) is similar to obtaining a building permit, but can be more challenging due to the technical analyses associated with it. Typically, a new construction would need a variety of authorizations such as air quality permit, stormwater permit, registrations etc. Additionally, upon obtaining the necessary authorizations and after construction is complete, there are certain monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting obligations to be met to ensure seamless operation of a permitted facility. Webinar topic include:


  • Which environmental permits may be required prior to construction
  • Expected timelines for the permitting process and associated costs
  • Expected compliance obligations and resources needed following construction
  • Common challenges associated with environmental permitting
  • Q&A session: state-specific focus



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