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How to Prepare for California Low Carbon Fuel Standard LCFS Verification Requirements in 2020 and Beyond

Please join Trinity Consultants for a complimentary webinar to discuss California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) verification requirements. The LCFS regulation requires third-party verification for fuel pathway and quarterly reports starting 2021 for 2020 data. In addition, all new fuel pathway applications must be validated by a third-party beginning 2020. The webinar focused on how to prepare for new validation and verification requirements in the light of most recent regulatory updates and guidance documents released by CARB. Our subject matter experts also provided practical tips on how to better prepare for the new verification requirements for 2020 and beyond.

Course Topics:

  • LCFS reporting updates
  • Pathway application updates
  • New cost-containment provisions
  • Verification requirements overview
  • Practical tips to prepare for verification process

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