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NSR Reform: Accounting for Project-Related Emissions Reductions at the Project Assessment Level (Step 1)

During this second webinar in a four-part series, Trinity senior NSR experts discuss the issue of accounting for project-related emission reductions at the project assessment level ("Step 1") including the regulatory and legal background, the difficulties and ambiguities under current rule or policy, possible approaches to reform, and their associated implications for industry. 
The webinar specifically discusses the implications of the March 13, 2018 EPA guidance on Project Emissions Accounting, including:

  • Implications of new guidance on Step 1 procedures for projects involving only existing units, only new units, or hybrid projects with both new and existing units.
  • How projected actuals emission accounting can be used in Step 1 for existing units and in hybrid test situations.
  • Review of EPA's new position Project Emissions Accounting impacts prior guidance on project netting.
  • Possible implications the memo poses on the aspect of project aggregation.
  • Discussion by the presenters on potential technical challenges that the new guidance may pose when implementing this new guidance on applicability testing going forward.


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